Monday, November 1, 2010

Water Tower Series

I love shooting series of the same. I've done some old barns of Pennsylvania, light houses of Jersey and Maine, and a few others. I've started a water tower set wishing that I had a picture of all those town towers I drove by during my time living on the East coast.  I would be hard pressed in trying to convince someone of a 20 year re-do. So this begins my search for the West coast towers that I have already and will continue to encounter during my travels.
All pictures were done digitally with the noticeable post production artwork. I attempted to enhance the look by matching up each tower with it's own similar surface area.


  1. Those are fantastic. I really like your use of textured paper.

  2. Those backgrounds are throwing me off - mind trickery! ;)

    But I, too, love water towers! We have some great ones in Portland that you should come photo for your west coast tour.

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  4. I *love* that first one! If you decide to sell any, let me know! I'd love that. :)

  5. The first one reminds me of a water tower across from where I lived in AZ for a time. I have a painting of it somewhere i'll have to photograph it and show you the similarity if i can find it.