Monday, September 6, 2010

Palm Springs Road Trip

I love road trips. It's the excitement of the unknown or 
even the known. There's always something new to stop at
and see. On this trip I ditched the digital camera and brought 
an old point and shoot film. No instant gratification after each
shot but instead I had to wait for the roll to get used up and
then developed.

Outside of Palm Springs where
some dinosaurs stand waiting
to gobble up one or two
unsuspecting people or dogs.

In the desert where wind storms are able to sandblast your 
car and windshield, they also provides the great wind turbines the
way of their circular flight.

This place offers tours of station, maybe next time I'll get closer to 
the wind eaters.


And finally, at the end of the road what better place to stop and 
quench a dry throat?

June 2010
Polaroid 3000AF 
Kodak gold, 200ASA
Negatives scanned with Epson V500
Minor editing with Picnik


  1. I love road trips...good ones anyway.

    The wind turbines remind me of driving along I-90 in southern MN. Of course it's much greener there; nothing but corn and wind turbines as far as you can see.

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